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Communities pot

We’re pleased to announce that we will distributing £30,000 to local community groups over the next few months.

This fund, which is being delivered by BD Giving in partnership with LBBD council, will be a participatory grant process where local people will be invited to work together to decide how the funding is allocated to community groups.

If you’re interested in applying for funding or becoming a decision-maker, please complete this form to be updated as soon as applications open.

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Past Funding Opportunities

Working together to strengthen Barking & Dagenham

Covid Relief

We offered 10 grants of £3,000 to support organisations that experienced a loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This was not a fund for new ideas. 

Instead, it was aimed at relieving the impact on smaller organisations that worked to support the borough, focussing on those with an annual income of less than £75,000 in their last published accounts.

The funding decisions are being made by a group of residents who are using online tools to engage with each other.

We expect to announce the recipients in early March

Borough Innovation Fund

The Borough Innovation Fund is an initiative from the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham and Clear Channel UK, in partnership with the charity Trees for Cities, and  Barking and Dagenham Giving.

The Fund was created to improve and increase green spaces across the borough and give community groups and local people the chance to get involved in the design and creation of new green spaces in their neighbourhood.

The fund was publicly advertised in February 2020 and six groups responded with ideas. They were invited to present their projects and answer questions to a panel of assessors including representatives from Clear Channel, the Council, Trees for Cities, and East London Business Alliance.

Read about the two successful projects

Rapid Response Fund

The COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund was a £100,000 fund  given to us by Lankelly Chase Foundation following the coronavirus lockdown.

We used a participatory process that involved around 30 people from across the community who designed and shaped the process and a further 15 people who stepped forward as decision-makers for the grants.

You can read more about how we went about this here, and read the stories of some of the people who were involved in the process on our Local Voices page.

We are in the process of evaluating this fund and we are excited to share this with you in early 2021.

Renew Fund

This fund comes from income generated by properties in the borough. Its purpose is to invest in ideas, and the people who generate them, in our community.

Before the pandemic, we were using this fund to test a relational model of funding. Applicants would bring us ideas they wanted to try out and we looked at how we could support them in bringing that vision to life. This involved solving problems together rather than insisting that an idea was fully formed and planned out before giving out funding.

Decision-making power still lay with the trustees but we were testing if we could slowly build a community of funding recipients who could then become part of the decision-making process.

In the wake of the pandemic, we continued to offer this support to ideas that were about tackling community needs caused by the lockdown.