Rising up to the challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic is placing a stress on our communities unseen in living memory. Yet we are seeing how it is inspiring people to step up and help out.
We believe those stories are worth telling.

Barking & Dagenham Giving has teamed up with the Council and You Press to tell your stories.

You Press handpicked young creative writers and graphic designers to document local stories and produce a series of illustrations representing Barking and Dagenham’s response to the crisis.
This is a unique opportunity for you to share your perspective and help inspire others to reach out and make a difference for their community

Natalia Lema

During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, I had the privilege of speaking with Natalia Lema about her work, founding and running Cocoon – an

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Kemi Oloyede

Despite the numerous hardships that COVID-19 has brought to many of our lives, from queuing up for hours in supermarket lines, to being separated from

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Almu and Valeria

We are Almudena Segura and Dr Valeria Giannuzzi, co-founders of the Hug Support Group: a community organisation which provides a safe space for mothers to

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Subbiah V.

My name is Subbiah V. I live alone as my wife and daughter are stuck in India due to the lockdown. I don’t consider myself

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Darren Maun

My name is Darren Maun. I have a wife and two children. I don’t consider myself to be vulnerable. I was hoping the crisis wasn’t

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Get involved

Whether you have benefitted from Rapid Response funding, the help of volunteers or you are actively supporting others, we want to help you share your experience through this storytelling project.

Put your details in the form and we will contact you to arrange an interview.  Our interviews are informal and fun conversations conducted using Google Hangouts or by phone. After the interview, we will create a short article to be published online and – at the end of the project – in a book.