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BD Giving Notes is a bi-monthly reflection and learning blog written by members of the BD Giving team.
BD Giving Notes #35 – ‘’Putting Power Down‘’

It’s important that power is seen as something that ought to be stepped away from, in all walks of life. Getting there won’t be easy though as it’s both a cultural and a systemic shift that is needed. Cameron Bray In this Note, Cameron Bray offers up their thoughts on

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BD Giving Notes #34 – ‘’Democratising Finance‘’

With new players moving in and supporting local communities, it will be important not to repeat past errors. People must have a say over what happens where they live. That’s why we strongly believe that those most affected by funding decisions should be the ones in charge of making them.

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BD Giving Notes #33 – ‘The trouble with funding (Part 3)’

The joy of making something collaborative and participatory is that you never have to be ‘done’ because you’re always open to the possibility of someone new making improvements and changes that are literally beyond the system’s current ability to make. Cameron Bray This is the third of a three-part series

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BD Giving Notes #29 – ‘The trouble with funding (Part 2)’

In the education system, students are able to apply to dozens of colleges and universities using one application form. Could a similar system help small UK charities unlock multiple funding opportunities? Géraud de Ville de Goyet This is the second of a three-part series about the impact of the cost

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BD Giving Notes #28 – ‘A Pot of Stew’

We are all products of the many socio-political systems we find ourselves caught in and we will, often ignorantly, act in ways that those systems have taught us to act. Cameron Bray This Note is by our Learning and Participation Manager, Cameron Bray. In this Note, they talk about their

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