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BD Giving Notes is a bi-monthly reflection and learning blog written by members of the BD Giving team.
BD Giving Notes #27 – ‘Working for a smaller charity’

There is magic in small charities – something special, and being place-based means that we see what is happening locally. Cláudia Ramalhosa I’d like to use this Note to talk about how I’ve adapted to life at a small charity. Working for a smaller charity has proven to be a learning

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BD Giving Notes #25 – ‘Money, get away…’

It’s incredibly difficult to ask for what you need and get a no but it’s impossible to get what you need if we’ve made it impossible to ask. Cameron Bray In my last Note, I wrote about how I go about trying to keep people safe in participatory processes and

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BD Giving Notes #24 – ‘Six good eggs’

As we pick out our preferred chairs and desk lamps, it feels right to reflect on the values and shared experiences that have led us to such an effective team bond. The BD Giving Team In his Note in May, Géraud reflected on his managerial role by stating “[It is]

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BD Giving Notes – #23 ‘A piece of cake?’

By assuming that Risk, Return, Impact and Liquidity are all equal to the party, they each take a ¼  of the cake. But we concluded that each guest was not entitled to the same share of the cake. Jack Webb Last week we passed yet another milestone for Barking &

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BD Giving Notes – #21 ‘A Reality Check’

The question is, do we need to consider ‘professionalising’ our Board or our Community Steering Group to access more of the impact investing market?…. Our challenge ahead is in managing this tension and achieving a fine balance between the two.  Géraud de Ville de Goyet Last week a colleague and

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