Covid-19 Rapid Response Fund

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Applications now closed

The Covid-19 Rapid Response Fund for Barking & Dagenham is currently closed to new applications.

We received a huge number of applications, over half of which were successful. The funding limit was reached before the deadline

The aim of this fund is to support individuals and voluntary and community groups in Barking and Dagenham who are responding to a need during the crisis to grow their idea, to connect with others, and to make a lasting difference in their community.

You can find out more about the fund, how it was developed, how decisions were made, and what was funded by clicking through.

There will be future funding opportunities in the next few months so please follow us on social media to get the latest updates.

Who we welcome applications from
  • Individuals, groups, and organisations who have a current connection to Barking & Dagenham.
  • We're keen to hear ideas from across the borough which are responding to their community's needs during this crisis.
  • It doesn’t matter if this is your thirtieth project or your first - all complete applications will be carefully considered
What will be funded
  • Activities and resources which aim to keep our community strong and connected during the crisis. We expect to provide grants of £100 - £5,000.
  • Multiple submissions are welcomed but the fund is designed to be distributed across the borough.
  • The funding is not for activities already delivered, or normally covered by statutory services but can complement them.
  • We won’t fund ideas which promote specific political parties or are aimed at carrying out specifically religious activities.
What to expect
  • Applications will be considered by a panel of five people, made up of members of the community. The panel will make decisions on a weekly basis.
  • Funded projects will be invited to take part in regular networking sessions where you can share your experiences with other successful applicants.
  • The application process asks what you hope to achieve with the fund.

Get involved

The current situation facing the borough is a serious one, which will no doubt have far-reaching consequences for all of us. But even as we battle the coronavirus crisis we believe that the stubborn issues of poverty and inequality can be solved if we work together.

Though this fund may seem modest in light of the challenge ahead of us, it has been designed by local people to respond to the situation they are seeing in their own communities. By coming together, this group has helped shape this fund and set the foundations of Barking and Dagenham Giving, and its mission to unite the ideas, energy and funds around common causes that will make Barking and Dagenham a stronger place of us all.

We are now looking to set up a panel of people to make decisions on funding applications. If this sounds like something of interest to you follow the link and tell us a bit about yourself!

UPDATE: Please note that the Rapid Response Fund closed on 1st July due to the funding limit being reached. We have kept the previous text in place for archiving purposes.

There will be further opportunities to take part in funding decisions so do check back!

Latest news about the Rapid Response Fund