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Community Steering Group

The Community Steering Groupis changing the future of funding in Barking & Dagenham!

The Community Steering Group (CSG) is a group of local people who give their time and ideas to make the Community Endowment Fund a success, now and for future generations.
The CSG’s make decisions about our investment fund. As much as possible, the CSG have full decision-making power about the Fund, from how it is branded to what questions we ask applicants. The only restriction on this comes from charity law, which says that only a charity’s trustees can make decisions about investments. At this stage the CSG plays a vital role in acting as a critical friend to the trustees, ensuring that our investments are aligned with the law, our charitable objectives, and the wider vision of our community.
Our role is to create the space and conditions for the CSG to make decisions about how the GROW Fund is invested and managed.
The CSG have a unique opportunity to make a real difference in the borough by sharing their experience. CSG members bring different professional and personal experiences, but all are agreed on a set of shared values. In regular meetings, they learn about social investment
Social InvestmentUsing money to help people and communities while also making money back.
, use decision-making techniques and tools and find a way forward that includes all voices in the group.

CSG members get:

Training and support around group decision-making, community engagement, and understanding finances, and charitable funding processes;
A chance to network with a diverse group of people who care about Barking & Dagenham;
Involvement in a new funding model that could put the borough on the map for community investment;
Fair recognition for the contribution they make to the group; and
The power to shape what gets funded in Barking and Dagenham!

Community-Led Investment Policy

Barking & Dagenham Giving has put the local community in charge of its new endowment fund, to ensure a legacy for the borough with community power at the core. In June 2022, the Community Steering Group agreed on an Investment Policy
Investment Policy A strategic document that outlines how an organisation will manage their investment assets (the “Portfolio”), with often a set of financial (and sometimes impact) objectives and boundaries.
that puts local interests at the heart of any decision. They went to the House of Commons to launch the policy in front of policy-makers and potential investors. This platform allowed the group to explain how, unlike other social investments, the decisions about how the investment will be managed, invested, and spent will be made by local people.

Meet the Community Steering Group

Pauline Adeyemo

CSG Member

Emma Beecham

CSG Member

Kemi Oloyede

CSG Member

Zainab Omokhe

CSG Member

Wunmi Oyewole

CSG Member