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The UK’s first community-led investment fund

Investing with & for the people of
Barking & Dagenham

For too long the people who are most affected by funding decisions have been excluded from the decision-making process. In Barking and Dagenham, we’re changing that!

What is the GROW Fund?

Our funding and investment approach looks at the social impact of the money we hold, not just the financial return. The GROW Fund was developed by residents of the borough (a Community Steering Group) with money transferred by the Council to BD Giving.

After months of learning about investment and sharing ideas about what they want to achieve the Community Steering Group chose to use some of it to support local entrepreneurs who are committed to growing businesses that are good for people and the planet.

The potential of the GROW Fund

Barking and Dagenham has been chronically underfunded despite acute need.

Our aim is for Barking and Dagenham to become the fastest-growing borough for social sector funding and impact investment over the next three years. We know tackling systemic issues like child obesity, domestic abuse and a lack of opportunities for young people takes time. We’re in it for the long haul.

Designed by our Community Steering Group, the GROW Fund is supporting local, purpose-driven organisations to grow and have more social impact in the borough. We want our investments to be sustainable and have deep impact.

Barking & Dagenham is full of opportunity and community energy; local people have the appetite to improve the borough and community-led social investment can accelerate their efforts.

But we need additional funding to make our social investment pot go further and administer the loans.

60% of applications in our first round were from Black-led ventures, and 70% from women-led enterprises.

Get in touch if you want to be a part of England’s first community-led social investment

Kate Harmatz

Head of Fundraising and Partnerships

Meet Barking & Dagenham’s Entrepreneurs

Eight local business owners joined the first GROW Fund accelerator programme in May 2023. They each received a grant of £25,000 and are taking part in a seven-month accelerator programme, covering everything a business needs to GROW sustainably, with help from our partners at Impact Hub London.
The entrepreneur’s grants are kindly donated by the Lankelly Chase Foundation. In November 2023, they can apply for repayable finance from the GROW Fund.

The entrepreneurs are:

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