Ioannis Mathioudakis

"The most exciting thing about Barking and Dagenham Giving is its multicultural identity and community spirit. "

What is your relationship to Barking & Dagenham?
Since January 2020, I have been an active member of the voluntary sector in the area, bringing with me an extensive, more than ten years, experience in the field as a Foundation’s Secretary.
What have been the challenges and triumphs of your role?
Being a Trustee requires time, dedication, ability to provide guidance and support to the entire organisation.
What are your ambitions for the borough?
Barking and Dagenham is one of the most deprived boroughs in the UK. My ambitions focus on how to transform this situation in order to become a more equal, open, prosperous and innovative borough in the UK.
What role does the community have in realising that ambition?
The role of the community in transforming those ambitions into a reality is crucial. The community does not only receives support from the voluntary sector but at the same time its active participation is important and secures the effectiveness and efficiency of the sector.

Ioannis Mathioudakis


Ioannis is Programmes Manager at Barking and Dagenham Council for Voluntary Services (BDCVS), where he focuses on young people, youth criminality, and equality and inclusion. He has more that twelve years experience in the nonprofit sector.