Jeremy Grint

"The most exciting thing about Barking and Dagenham Giving is its potential to change and adapt at both a community and physical level to the wider economic policy and social changes that will occur over the next 25 years."

What got you interested in working in Barking and Dagenham?
Former divisional Director of Regeneration, Economic Development and Planning 2006-2016, responsible for establishing B&D Renew (BD Giving’s former name) amongst other things.
What challenges do you think you might face in this role?
Initially as part of B&D Renew we had limited funds and very limited administrative support. At that time the Board was much more diverse. I think successes were supporting some good local projects who were struggling to get support from anywhere else, getting Cameron appointed as the administrator, amalgamating with B&D Giving.
What are your hopes for the borough?
To see the Borough’s population have incomes similar to the average for London and for that to be fairly distributed
How do you think the community can help achieve those goals?
There are various stakeholders who have a role in the above including the community, either through setting up training opportunities for others in the community, setting up businesses that employ local people, taking advantage of both employment and training opportunities that arise and ensuring the right sort of training and support is given.

Jeremy Grint


Jeremy is the Chair of Barking Riverside Steering Group at Barking Riverside Ltd.

He worked for the borough of Barking and Dagenham for 26 years in Town Planning and Regeneration. He was responsible for town planning, physical and economic regeneration and has had a significant influence on the physical environment of the borough.