Kasang Kajang

"The most exciting thing about Barking & Dagenham Giving is it's dedication to participatory led decision making. Truly bringing the local community to the table of strategy and funding decisions which directly and indirectly affects them. It fosters a spirit of inclusion, an understanding of multiple perspectives and a willingness of transparency."

Why does Working in Barking and Dagenham interest you?
I was brought up in London, having relocated my home base to Barking and Dagenham a few years ago. I was drawn to Barking and Dagenham as I could see the potential for growth within the Borough alongside many recently launched initiatives , all aimed to expose some of the untapped potential by empowering the local community with the support they need to thrive. Having come from a first generation working class background, I can relate to the diverse social-economic mix present in the borough and the real support (not hand outs) they are looking for.
What are your ambitions for the borough?
For Barking and Dagenham to capitalise on it’s potential. The Borough is uniquely placed and is currently undergoing major growth and regeneration. The ambition is for the Boroughs spirit and diverse mix not be diluted or lost in this process but brought along the journey and amplified.
What role does the community have in realising that ambition?
The community is at the heart of this. They have to be identified as a key stakeholder in any strategy / decision making exercise and invited to sit at the table on an on-going basis.

Kasang Kajang


Kasang is an architect with over ten years experience within the construction industry working on a variety of projects, varying in sectors and scale both within the UK and internationally.

She was originally part of our own community steering group who participated in the successful launch of the Community Endowment Fund and has now become our very own trustee.