Louise Kavanagh

"Planning inclusive communications and campaigns for BD Giving is a privilege, and a lot of fun."

What got you interested in working in Barking and Dagenham?

Barking & Dagenham epitomises what I think is wonderful about London; there is so much diversity and opportunity (though not always evenly distributed). That is what made me move to London 15 years ago, and it’s what makes me want to stick around and dedicate my career to the communities of London.

What challenges do you think you might face in this role?
The brilliant and the challenging thing about BD Giving is the pace at which we move. We never stand still!
Occasionally a member of the community or VCSE will challenge us on our communications approach and I’ve learnt lots from them. We always look to do more and better for the people we work with.
I think the launch of the Community Endowment Fund was a triumph. We had an amazing turnout despite it being yet another zoom call. Creative people from across the borough shared their poems and artwork on the theme of “community power”. I got a lump in my throat!
What are your hopes for the borough?

Cool fact, Barking and Dagenham is the youngest borough in London. So, my ambition is for the young people who live and work here to be aware of, engage with and benefit from the funding and opportunities that BD Giving offers. 

How do you think the community can help achieve those goals?

We won’t achieve any of our aims without the involvement of the community. It’s as simple as that.

Louise Kavanagh

External Communications Lead

Louise Kavanagh holds a Diploma in Digital Marketing, she is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a professional mentor for Charity Comms, and a communications volunteer for her local city farm.

Louise created Purposeful Marketing in 2017 to help charities and social enterprises with small (or non-existent) marketing communication teams through critical stages of their development. Current clients include Renaisi (a leader in place-based change) and London Funders (London’s Giving network manager).