Communities’ Pot – Grant announcements!

Barking & Dagenham Giving is pleased to announce the twenty recipients of the Communities’ Pot, who will each receive a grant of £1,500.00. This fund was delivered by BD Giving in partnership with LBBD council using a participatory grant-making process. A panel of local residents worked collaboratively over a fortnight to assess applications and make their […]

Closed Collective Model: Week Seven – Getting on the same page

Closed Collective Model: Week Seven – Getting on the same page Due to some timetabling and miscommunications, we had a slightly smaller group meeting today and didn’t use all the time we set aside for it. It’s important to mark when things don’t go to plan because it gives us the opportunity to learn how […]

Closed Collective Model: Week Six – Exploring possibilities

Closed Collective Model: Week Six – Exploring possibilities A note at the start about language: I am a disabled person and I sit on the board of a disability charity. In both my day-to-day life and that role, I do not use what is known as ‘person-first language’ (e.g. a person with disabilities) but instead […]

Closed Collective Model – Weeks Four & Five: Standing together

Closed Collective Model – Weeks Four & Five: Standing together Due to time constraints, I suggested to the group that I combine the blog for weeks four and five given that they covered many of the same themes and ideas around funding. They accepted this suggestion.  We seem to have settled on using ‘One good/one […]

Closed Collective Model – Week Three: Painting a Picture

Closed Collective Model – Week Three: Painting a Picture After some technical hiccups on my end, We started the session with a check-in led by Georgina from BDYD, who asked the group to reflect on how they were feeling in that moment and to describe how they felt as a colour. What we heard was […]

BD Giving collaborates with local organisations to pilot new model of funding

Barking and Dagenham Giving is excited to announce that it is piloting an innovative model of funding in partnership with local groups from the Barking and Dagenham Children and Young People’s Network (BDCYPN). The Network aims to unite the sector, address inequality in collaborations and improve partnership working for the benefit of young people in […]

Sustaining the community response: Our response to the review of civil society

A white person's hand holds up an unlit lightbulb to the sky, which is a mixture of pink and blue shades

At the end of June, the Prime Minister asked Danny Kruger MP  ‘to consult with civil society organisations, local authorities, our colleagues in Parliament, and across government to develop proposals to maximise the role of volunteers, community groups, faith groups, charities and social enterprises, and contribute actively to the government’s levelling up agenda.’ In keeping […]

How the Rapid Response Fund was allocated

In the span of six weeks, the Rapid Response Fund has been launched and allocated with the last few payments being made by the end of this week. It feels very strange to be on the other side of things and even if we’re not quite finished yet, I wanted to take the opportunity to […]

Rapid Response Fund: Who we funded

We’re pleased to announce the recipients of the Rapid Response Fund for Barking & Dagenham. In the end, we had 43 applications totalling £187,452. With only £100,000 available, this obviously meant that we could not fund everybody. That said, a majority of applications were successful, with 24 applicants being awarded funding. You can read more […]

A new model of local giving

Anyone who works in the voluntary and community sector (VCS) in Barking and Dagenham will know this too well: finding money is becoming increasingly more challenging. The causes are multiple: changing priorities and the lack of core funding support; poor communication between funders, which in turn increases the amount and complexity of reporting work and; […]