BD Giving Notes – #21 ‘A Reality Check’

The question is, do we need to consider ‘professionalising’ our Board or our Community Steering Group to access more of the impact investing market?…. Our challenge ahead is in managing this tension and achieving a fine balance between the two.  Géraud de Ville de Goyet Last week a colleague and I had an enlightening meeting […]

BD Giving Notes – #19 ‘A seatbelt approach to safety in Participation.’

I don’t think it’s an option for participatory decision-making to leave people outside the vehicle if they can’t or don’t want to wear a seatbelt – rather, we must do everything we can to convince them of that first so that we can get to a shared destination together. Cameron Bray When I’m facilitating a […]

COVID Relief Fund 2021: What did we do?

Network of people

In this blog Cameron, our Learning & Participation Manager, will take you through the process of our recent COVID Relief Fund – the what and how. Next week you will be able to read about what we’ve learned and what comes next. Back in March, we released £30,000 in the form of 10 grants to be given […]