Project work update

Click the image to download You have hopefully seen the updates from our Community Steering Group over the last few months, detailing their exciting journey as they put together a community-designed investment policy for the charity. The last few weeks have seen us slowly returning to in-person meetings across a number of areas of our […]

The CSG’s story so far

A group of people, gathered together, smiling for the camera

After 4 months, lots of learning, questioning, and more than a few laughs, now is a good time to share the B&D Community Steering Group’s journey so far.

Our bold approach to learning & participation

Barking & Dagenham Giving is pleased to announce the publication of our first ever Learning and Participation strategy where we articulate our bold approach to grant-making. Since 2020 we have distributed over £200,000 in grants using participatory means and aim to at least match that amount in 2022/23. While we’ve published a number of blogs and […]

Communities’ Pot – Grant announcements!

Barking & Dagenham Giving is pleased to announce the twenty recipients of the Communities’ Pot, who will each receive a grant of £1,500.00. This fund was delivered by BD Giving in partnership with LBBD council using a participatory grant-making process. A panel of local residents worked collaboratively over a fortnight to assess applications and make their […]

Closed Collective Model: Week Seven – Getting on the same page

Closed Collective Model: Week Seven – Getting on the same page Due to some timetabling and miscommunications, we had a slightly smaller group meeting today and didn’t use all the time we set aside for it. It’s important to mark when things don’t go to plan because it gives us the opportunity to learn how […]

Closed Collective Model: Week Six – Exploring possibilities

Closed Collective Model: Week Six – Exploring possibilities A note at the start about language: I am a disabled person and I sit on the board of a disability charity. In both my day-to-day life and that role, I do not use what is known as ‘person-first language’ (e.g. a person with disabilities) but instead […]

Natalie Smith: Being Brave

Nat Smith works as an Education Director at Arc Theatre, which specializes in creating and performing theatre that challenges assumptions and causes real change in the way that people relate to one another at work, at school and in the community. Arc Theatre received a grant from the Rapid Response Fund to purchase new computer equipment which would allow them to continue their work online and support them after the pandemic.

Jane Shetewi

My name is Jane Shetewi and I live with my husband, my 20-year-old daughter and my 17-year-old son. I had been mentoring Year 7 students at a local school, but this has stopped during the COVID-19 lockdown; since then I have found various ways to maintain connections with my community. During the lockdown, I have […]

Wumi Oyewole

Let joy be a carrying tool in hard times. Wumi Oyewole has a vision to create a world full of radiance, creativity and confidence. A mum of two sons and married to Adeyinka, Wumi is currently contracted to work in local government and works from home in the field of children’s social care. After taking […]

Hannah Kupoluyi

Hannah Kupoluyi is the founder of All Women’s Network which started the ‘Birth Your Vision Coaching Programme’ in January of 2020. The ‘Birth Your Vision Coaching Programme’ was funded by The Faith & Belief Forum and LBBD. This followed her award-winning achievement in 2019 from Faith & Belief Forum with her work in empowering women […]