BD Giving Notes #37 – “The death of Nuance‘’

Two things can be true at once. These same two things can be conflicting and in opposition. This is where understanding nuance comes in. A world which does not allow for nuance is not a world that accounts for experience or growth. Adeshola Adejare and Cameron Bray Communication without Nuance eliminates agency and the idea […]

BD Giving Notes #32 – ‘Learning the Art of Facilitation’

I think what a community looks like is contingent on space, place and context. It can be different from person to person and neighbourhood to neighbourhood. But in light of this training, I think having a sense of belonging is an important part. Jack Webb This Note is by our Programme Officer, Jack Webb. In […]

BD Giving Notes – #19 ‘A seatbelt approach to safety in Participation.’

I don’t think it’s an option for participatory decision-making to leave people outside the vehicle if they can’t or don’t want to wear a seatbelt – rather, we must do everything we can to convince them of that first so that we can get to a shared destination together. Cameron Bray When I’m facilitating a […]