BD Giving Notes #43 – ‘’Looking Out For Each Other‘’

Good mental health is necessary for fostering interpersonal relationships and maintaining productivity within the team. As a small team, any wrinkle in our team synergy can derail communication and throw us off balance. Adeshola Adejare In this Note, for Mental Health Awareness Week the BD Giving team shares their mental well-being practices. As our last […]

BD Giving Notes #41 – “Leadership and Self-care‘’

I’m incredibly grateful for this discovery. It has allowed me to see certain patterns in a new light, become more attuned to my own emotions, and modify some of my behaviours accordingly. Géraud de Ville de Goyet In this Note, Géraud de Ville de Goyet writes about empathic leadership and the need for self-care. I […]

BD Giving Notes #30 – ‘My experience as a working statistic’

In order to get people on board with our work, they need to know that we often share their experiences, or are deeply engaged with those who do have experience and are not wanting to speak for or over them. Adeshola Adejare BD Giving is invested in making sure that our approach to participatory work […]