Kate Harmatz

Head of Fundraising and Partnerships
Kate is a fundraiser with experience working in the arts/culture and education sectors. She has a strong track record building corporate-charity partnerships and stakeholder engagement programmes. She has lent her skills to numerous political campaigns in her native California helping to elect leaders who represent her values. She is currently active with the East London Waterworks Park project which aims to turn a brownfield site in the Lee Valley into a place for wild swimming.
Why does working in Barking and Dagenham interest you?

I’m interested in working with people who have big dreams yet are interested in making small steps towards achieving those dreams everyday. I’m finding these people everywhere in Barking & Dagenham. There is so much passion, power, and potential. It is a deeply inspiring community of people.

What are some challenges you believe you may face in this role?

It may not be clear for businesses to see how their donations to BD Giving affect the causes they care about. For example, someone may question donating their money to BD Giving versus donating directly to their local food bank. Especially for those who are new to philanthropy, BD Giving could be seen as a side step in connecting people with the causes they care about. BD Giving will have to work to communicate the net benefit in supporting the research, community facilitation, and network-building that is behind BD Giving and the projects it funds.

What are your ambitions for the borough?

I want to help individuals realise just how easy it is to have a positive impact in their local community. My hope is that activities like volunteering, donating, and campaigning will be made highly accessible and considered fun and exciting for anyone who wishes to participate.

What role does the community have in realising that ambition?

It starts by individuals in the community voicing their opinions, needs and desires. If there’s an opportunity to be part of a conversation, then jump in! Barking & Dagenham can’t respond unless it is informed.

"The most exciting thing about B&D Giving is the potential for the people in the community to step out of their home, look around, see something they like, and feel good about the fact they were part of making it happen."