Linden Tree HR

External HR Consultants
Linden Tree HR is Suzanne St. Clair and Helen Rutherford. They met as neighbors in Lewisham, job-shared in the City for four years, and set up Linden Tree HR in 2015 to provide human resources support to businesses and charities. They believe that all employers should have access to quality HR support regardless of the size of their business.
What function or role do you do for BD Giving

We make sure BD Giving’s contracts and policies are up to date. We support line managers with day-to-day HR queries and the sort of personnel issues that arise in any organisation. Recently, BD Giving asked us to be there for any employee when they have an HR question or something they want to talk through before they approach their line manager.

Why does working in Barking and Dagenham interest you?

We were recommended to BD Giving by Lewisham Local, a charity that has existed for over twenty years serving local communities. London is an exciting, diverse and vibrant place to live, but not without its challenges. BD Giving are an innovative employer who want to ensure all their employees have the right support in place. A supported and engaged team is better placed to deliver the vision of BD Giving.

"BD Giving have brought a new innovative model of community support to Barking and Dagenham so that the local community can identify and decide what they need."