Sophie Miles

Programme Officer
Sophie is a kind and calm individual who loves meeting new people and listening to their stories. She is also very passionate about supporting people with their mental health challenges and raising awareness in this area. After working in the corporate sector for a number of years, she decided to move into the non-profit sector which more closely aligns with her interests and goals. Sophie is excited to meet and learn from the people in the borough and use her skills to make an impact and help drive positive change.
Why does working in Barking and Dagenham interest you?

The people living and working here. They are really passionate about their work and about changing the borough. I was really drawn to the diverse range of communities and strong community bonds as well as the potential of the borough.

What are your ambitions for the borough?

Building more community networks and increasing collaboration. Increasing understanding and decision-making power around funding for people in the borough.

What role does the community have in realising that ambition?

Supporting each other and working as a collective to grow; sharing skills, ideas and resources with each other. Making decisions about the borough. Inspiring others.

What are the challenges and triumphs of your role?

Not always knowing what’s next and not always being able to plan ahead, but being able to meet all the inspiring people in the borough, hear their ideas and witness them making important decisions.

"The best thing about Barking & Dagenham is the people within the community and their dedication to improving the borough."