Our bold approach to learning & participation

Barking & Dagenham Giving is pleased to announce the publication of our first ever Learning and Participation strategy where we articulate our bold approach to grant-making.

Since 2020 we have distributed over £200,000 in grants using participatory means and aim to at least match that amount in 2022/23. While we’ve published a number of blogs and spoken in various places about our work, we have never laid out our approach to learning and evaluation.

In this document, you will be able to read about our approach to grant-making

  • Why we do the work we do
  • What our works entails
  • How we will execute and assess our Learning and Participation Strategy

At first glance, BD Giving is a grant-making charity.It is true that we do give out grants but these are a means to a bigger end.

This strategy is the culmination of over two years of experience in the borough, an attempt to consolidate everything we have learned by placing participation at the heart of what we do

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We are eternally grateful to everyone whose wisdom and energy have helped us create this document and hope that it stands as proof of our commitment to root our work in the communities that we serve, and not only an insight into our work.

At first glance, BD Giving is a grant-making charity. It is true that we do give out grants but these are a means to a bigger end. We believe that participation is the way that our borough becomes stronger, by ensuring that power is made accessible to everybody. We do not think we are the only vehicle for participation but part of a growing wave within the borough that is demanding different ways of working together. This strategy outlines what we see as our contribution to that wave, and how we will know if we’ve made a difference.

Let us know what you think – we love to learn!

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