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We are looking to recruit three new trustees to join our board!

We want to hear from people who have a strong interest in community participation and will support our values of collaboration, inclusion and ambition.

We would like one of these trustees to have experience in finance, as we are about to establish a new community endowment fund. This role will help monitor and evaluate the performance of the endowment fund, provide financial advice to the rest of the Board, and ensure that the objectives set out in the investment policy
Investment Policy A strategic document that outlines how an organisation will manage their investment assets (the “Portfolio”), with often a set of financial (and sometimes impact) objectives and boundaries.
are met.

Previous board/trustee experience is not necessary and we welcome applications from all ages and backgrounds.

As a Barking & Dagenham funder, we want to increase the number of local people on our board so strongly encourage you to apply if you are a resident of the borough.

More generally, we also want to make sure that our board reflects the diversity of the community we work in and are particularly interested in seeing applications from:

  • women
  • people of colour
  • young people (18-30)
  • disabled people
  • LGBT+ people
  • people with lived experience of homelessness and/or poverty.

What does being a trustee mean?

As a trustee you will lead Barking and Dagenham Giving and ensure it achieves what it was set up to do, by providing guidance, advice and support to the charity’s Chief Executive and staff. 

Typically, the Board meets every other month for two hours (usually early in the morning on a weekday) and an away day will be held once a year over a weekend. As the organisation grows, we expect these meetings to become less frequent.

We want the experience to be valuable for our trustees. There will be onboarding and ongoing training opportunities provided, in relation to the duties of the Board and more specific needs. As a trustee you will have: 

  • Induction, training and reimbursable expenses
  • Opportunities to make strategic decisions and develop new skills
  • Opportunities to network with senior professionals
  • Influence to shape innovative projects
  • The chance to make a lasting difference with and for Barking and Dagenham community


Currently, due to the pandemic, all our meetings are held online but we anticipate that future gatherings may also happen in person in Barking and Dagenham. 

Find out more

Please contact Geraud for questions about the advert or Ian for questions about what it means to be a trustee of BD Giving.

We have also prepared this recruitment pack which goes into more detail.

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