Moiz Khan

"The most exciting thing about B&D Giving is the potential to help turn things around in one of the least well-to-do boroughs in London. The borough has a higher proportion of younger and working-age individuals (than the Britain average) and they have a great chance to improve things for themselves, the elderly, and future generations. There is everything to play for in this instance."

Why does working in Barking and Dagenham interest you?

BD Giving has a strong objective to support the people and communities in the borough to address some of their most pressing needs. And with the support from the local council, it has a real chance to make a difference. I am here alongside other Trustees to support and challenge the Charity’s management in turning this chance into a destiny!

What are some challenges you believe you may face in this role?

These are tough times with increased demand for charitable services alongside an extremely challenging funding environment. BD Giving has been recently funded to create an endowment to provide ongoing support for the community. The challenge will be to oversee that the Charity does its best to raise funding, deploy resources efficiently and consistently with the Charity’s objectives, and manage the endowment in a long-term sustainable manner. Not everything will be achievable, and identifying and choosing between competing priorities will be most challenging. An additional clear challenge will be measuring the financial and non-financial impacts of BD Giving’s activities and spending.

What are your ambitions for the borough?
Improving quality of life, equality, education and career prospects for individuals living and working in the borough. Our aim is not to create dependants but independents via our charitable activities wherever possible.
What role does the community have in realising that ambition?
Someone once told me that no one will be more interested in your career than yourself, and to some extent this advice applies to many other aspects of life. Change will not happen overnight, and if every individual from this 210k+ strong community takes one step forward (with or without external support), we will be 210k steps ahead.

Moiz Khan


Moiz has worked in the UK and global financial sector for nearly 20 years across a wide variety of roles within asset management, investment consulting and insurance firms, focussing on the design and oversight of investment and risk management strategies for multi-billion pound insurance and pension funds.