BD Giving Notes #47 – ‘’History is happening all the time‘’ 

Though our fund could only support eight businesses, the other ninety-something predominantly black-led businesses made us think deeply about our role in decolonising funding and the meaning of “purpose” in business. Kate Harmatz It’s really exciting when lots of things you’ve been working on over many years start to join up and tell a great […]

BD Giving Notes #42 – ‘’Exploring A 4 Day Working Week‘’

By pioneering this shift in our working world, we’re sending a clear message that the changes we want to see won’t happen unless we make it happen – together. Cameron Bray In this Note Cameron and Kate invite you to follow along as we develop our approach to a 4 day work week. “Workers won […]

BD Giving Notes #26 – ‘The trouble with funding (Part 1)’

Why does a funder get to decide what is strategic for our organisation? And; if they’re certain about what they won’t fund, then why won’t they tell us what they will fund? Kate Harmatz This is the first of a three-part series of blogs on the impact of the cost of living crisis on the […]

BD Giving Notes #24 – ‘Six good eggs’

As we pick out our preferred chairs and desk lamps, it feels right to reflect on the values and shared experiences that have led us to such an effective team bond. The BD Giving Team In his Note in May, Géraud reflected on his managerial role by stating “[It is] my duty to recruit a […]