BD Giving Notes #55 – Finding Common Ground

I believe support from others is vital when it comes to facilitation Melanie Gunetilleke As we are currently busy on a number of projects, including our new Give it a Go Fund, the next few BDG Notes will share a theme. We have written before about our use of the Lewis Deep Democracy facilitation method […]

Join us on a journey of disruptive exploration

Who are the Disruptive Explorers? The work started three years ago, as part of a learning journey started by the BD_Collective. Over the course of 18 months, organisations from across Barking and Dagenham met regularly to share their experiences of living and working in the borough. One of the things that we recognised was that […]

Launching the Give it a Go Fund

We are thrilled to launch a brand new fund for Barking & Dagenham!

The Give it A Go Fund will provide small grants for local people to test out new ideas in the borough.

BD Giving Notes #54 – Finding Our Feet

Settling into a new job is always tricky but when your new employer is creating radical systems and ways of working with communities, the learning curve can feel especially steep. It has been just over two months since our team grew from five to eight, enough time to get a feel for our work. The […]

BD Giving Notes #53 – What Does Participation Look Like?

Participation is a word that we often hear in various contexts, such as education, work, politics, sports, and social activities. But what does it mean to participate? And who gets to decide how we participate? Our Head of Learning and Participation, Cameron Bray, looks to their past for an example of why we do not […]

Community investment in NextEnergy Solar Fund

Members of the community steering group and BD Giving staff are all wearing high-vis jackets and hard hats. They're standing in an empty field on a cloudy day, waving at the camera. Everyone looks happy.

The CSG has chosen to invest £250,000 into NextEnergy Solar Fund, a leading specialist solar energy and energy storage investment company with a mission to lead the transition to clean energy through solar power.

Listening to local businesses

Following on from our first session for local businesses at MAKE IT in Barking on 15 January, we held a second one at Powerhouse International Ministries in Dagenham last week. The aim of both sessions was to enable local businesses in the borough to network and build relationships. It was also for us to learn […]

BD Giving Notes #52 – Local businesses make a difference

Our latest BD Giving Note has been penned by Jonathan Simmons, who is partnering with us on a project to create fair financing options for essential local businesses whose impact is rarely highlighted. Is fair finance available to the businesses loved by their communities? Jonathan Simmons For the last two Mondays, BD Giving sat down with […]

BD Giving Notes #51 – Counting the Days

Instead of enforcing rigid hour-monitoring systems, we prioritise trusting our colleagues to maintain professionalism and deliver their finest work. Géraud de Ville​ With the first Note of 2024, our CEO looks back on one of the most radical changes BD Giving adopted last year, the 4-Day Week. Serving as a companion piece to Jack and […]