BD Giving Notes #47 – ‘’History is happening all the time‘’ 

Though our fund could only support eight businesses, the other ninety-something predominantly black-led businesses made us think deeply about our role in decolonising funding and the meaning of “purpose” in business. Kate Harmatz It’s really exciting when lots of things you’ve been working on over many years start to join up and tell a great […]

BD Giving Notes #42 – ‘’Exploring A 4 Day Working Week‘’

By pioneering this shift in our working world, we’re sending a clear message that the changes we want to see won’t happen unless we make it happen – together. Cameron Bray In this Note Cameron and Kate invite you to follow along as we develop our approach to a 4 day work week. “Workers won […]

BD Giving Notes #33 – ‘The trouble with funding (Part 3)’

The joy of making something collaborative and participatory is that you never have to be ‘done’ because you’re always open to the possibility of someone new making improvements and changes that are literally beyond the system’s current ability to make. Cameron Bray This is the third of a three-part series of blogs in reaction to […]

BD Giving Notes #30 – ‘My experience as a working statistic’

In order to get people on board with our work, they need to know that we often share their experiences, or are deeply engaged with those who do have experience and are not wanting to speak for or over them. Adeshola Adejare BD Giving is invested in making sure that our approach to participatory work […]

BD Giving Notes – #17 ‘Building A Digital Platform For Community Engagement’

For any organisation that wants to connect with people, online engagement is both important and a potential strain on money and resources…. People being so central to our work, our aim has always been to favour in-person participation when we can. We feel that face-to-face interaction is most suited to building relationships, confidence and collaboration. […]

BD Giving Notes – #16 ‘Co-creating Communications with local people’

This week’s Note is written by our communications consultant, Louise Kavanagh. It covers what we learned while planning and delivering communications with and for the local people that make up the Community Steering Group (CSG). Originally the ideas in this blog were intended to guide new colleagues who are taking on communications responsibilities. That guide […]

BD Giving Notes – #14 ‘My Journey So Far’

That realisation, and the pressure of wanting to be a part of a team that doesn’t just talk the talk but does the deed, is one of the things that has made me feel like I must ‘perform’. Adeshola Adejare This Note is about new beginnings, losing and regaining self-worth I’m like many artistic individuals […]

Carole Pluckrose: Innovation and excitement

My name is Carole Pluckrose and I am the Artistic Director and Board Member of the Boathouse Barking, where I work as both a curator and a decision-maker. During the lockdown, our project involved putting together an online wellness festival which we co-curated with Soul Stretch Events that does similar work, such as Green Man […]

Ros Alexander: Keeping Carnival Alive

UKON Careers CIC was given a grant from our Renew Fund to take their Carnival activities online. They used this to make and send craft packs into the community, who would use the packs to participate in online activities, such as mask-making. Tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Ros and I […]