Local Voices

Rising up to the challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic is placing a stress on our communities unseen in living memory. Yet we are seeing how it is inspiring people to step up and help out.
We believe those stories are worth telling.

Barking & Dagenham Giving has teamed up with the Council and You Press to tell your stories.

You Press handpicked young creative writers and graphic designers to document local stories and produce a series of illustrations representing Barking and Dagenham’s response to the crisis.

We have tried to capture a wide range of voices from across the borough. As such, the views expressed in these stories do not necessarily represent the views of any of the organisations involved in the project.
This is a unique opportunity for you to share your perspective and help inspire others to reach out and make a difference for their community.

Wumi Oyewole

Let joy be a carrying tool in hard times. Wumi Oyewole has a vision to create a world full of radiance, creativity and confidence. A

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Hannah Kupoluyi

Hannah Kupoluyi is the founder of All Women’s Network which started the ‘Birth Your Vision Coaching Programme’ in January of 2020. The ‘Birth Your Vision

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What’s behind the name Moosh? My grandfather’s name is Mushumbusi – it’s a short form of that because people couldn’t pronounce it, so I just

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Fatuma Nalule

My name is Fatuma Nalule and I live with my three children in Barking & Dagenham. I volunteer with a number of organisations, all of

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Jeorgina Soares

My name is Jeorgina and I am a mother of four wonderful boys: Prince, 23; Jermaine, 16; Kimani, 13; and Marcanthony, 11. I’m originally from Angola,

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Amanda Simmons

My name is Amanda Simmons and I live with my husband. I manage the Corner Coffee House in Green Lane, Dagenham, where we offer affordable

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Get involved

Whether you have benefitted from Rapid Response funding, the help of volunteers or you are actively supporting others, we want to help you share your experience through this storytelling project.

Put your details in the form and we will contact you to arrange an interview.  Our interviews are informal and fun conversations conducted using Google Hangouts or by phone. After the interview, we will create a short article to be published online and – at the end of the project – in a book.