BD Giving Notes #56 – A Close Call


In this week’s note, Magie Dang shares some preventative measures you can implement to protect yourself and your organisation from phishing scams.

BD Giving Notes #49 – 4-Day Week: The personal perspective

Not dreading work on a Monday is a tangible benefit from a 4-Day Week Jack Webb Following the conclusion of our six month 4-Day Week trial, our next two Notes will explore the benefits, challenges and lessons that we have experienced both personally and organisationally. This time, we hear from Programme Manager Jack Webb  and Finance […]

Barking and Dagenham community investors are tackling UK social inequality

Barking & Dagenham’s GROW Fund decision makers have chosen to invest in The Growth Impact Fund, to help social businesses grow their impact. A social impact Social ImpactThe positive or negative effect that an individual, organisation or project has on the well-being and welfare of a community or society as a whole. investment fund developed […]

My time at BD Giving

A seflie of 4 people seated around a table.

Over two weeks ago, I had my last day working at BD Giving and couldn’t help but reflect on my journey and growth since joining the organisation a year ago.   After graduating in the midst of the pandemic, finding suitable employment was almost impossible given the brutality of the job market. Many people had […]

Ask the Experts

In the fifth workshop, at the request of CSG members, we brought some experts in to talk about their experiences of social investment Social InvestmentIs the use of repayable finance to help an organisation achieve social impact. The investment can take various forms, commonly a loan, or debt type form with interest, and is often […]

Join the team!

Do you want a career with meaning? Barking & Dagenham Giving is a small team of progressive and passionate people. Our work is about shifting decision-making power into the hands of people who are disadvantaged and disenfranchised.  We value collaboration and inclusivity, and we’re working to become sustainable in everything we do. If that’s a […]

A Bold Step on the Journey to Fairer Funding for People of Barking & Dagenham

This week, BD Giving welcomed 12 local people to an online event marking the launch of a Community Steering Group Community Steering Group (CSG) A group of local people who give their time and ideas to make Barking & Dagenham Giving’s community-led investment fund a success, now and for future generations. , which is set […]

London giving schemes awarded grant to address discrimination in access to funding

Haringey Giving recently led a successful bid from a collaboration of six local place-based giving schemes and has been awarded a grant GrantA gift of money with no expectation of paying it back. Sometimes, there are certain ‘conditions’ or requirements attached to the money. In other cases, there are not. from The Cornerstone Fund to […]

National Lottery Community Fund Grant Awarded to Grow BD Giving’s Team

Barking & Dagenham Giving is grateful to have been awarded £358,160 over four years by the National Lottery Community’s Reaching Communities Fund for projects that work to make positive changes in their community. The new funding from The National Lottery Community Fund will allow BD Giving to recruit three new posts into the team. The new posts […]

New Trustees and Advisors bring experience and diversity to BD Giving’s board

Barking & Dagenham Giving is pleased to announce the appointment of six new trustees to its board. The expansion of BD Giving’s board from six to 12 members reflects the significant development of the charity in the last year and its ambitious pathway for 2021. BD Giving became an independent funding in 2020 by merging […]