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BD Giving Notes is a bi-monthly reflection and learning blog written by members of the BD Giving team.
BD Giving Notes – #14 ‘My Journey So Far’

That realisation, and the pressure of wanting to be a part of a team that doesn’t just talk the talk but does the deed, is one of the things that has made me feel like I must ‘perform’. Adeshola Adejare This Note is about new beginnings, losing and regaining self-worth

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BD Giving Notes – #12 ‘Walking into the future backwards’

The question of how we fund the transition while having due regard to the need for healing and reparation to the communities that have been at the sharp end of inequality and exploitation is undoubtedly the most important challenge facing philanthropy today. Géraud de Ville de Goyet It’s been a

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BD Giving Note – #11 ‘The value in the process’

How do you determine whether a participatory funding intervention has value? This is a question that participatory grant makers are used to be asked, and one that I have already touched upon in this BDG Note #2 on evaluation. It is a question that is important to unpack because sometimes

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BD Giving Notes #10 – What makes our Investment Policy different

The primary objective of the portfolio is to invest the Community Endowment Fund and any financial returns, using a total impact approach, achieving financial, social and environmental impact. Less than a week before the launch of Barking and Dagenham Giving’s new Community-led Investment Policy at the House of Commons on

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